NPR News App Architecture and Development

NPR Blog has a nice article on how to build a scalable web app using effective technology stack and low maintenance and low-cost Amazon powered servers. The post also provides links to their code.

Technologies used include:

Hardware/Server resources needed to deploy:

  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon EC2 Small Instance (Only if you need to run cronjobs)
  • That’s it. What were you expecting????


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One comment on “NPR News App Architecture and Development
  1. ryangriffin1 says:

    Interesting article. I wouldn’t mind delving into Jinja and Flask to see how this environment compares from the one we are currently using (django and scss).
    I did notice that he discussed the importance of minimizing the code, and how it can improve performance on a mobile device. Definitely worth keeping that bit of knowledge when planning, and it seems that Jinja makes this happen really easily, through pseudo-template tags. And it’s cool to see that there’s the Fabric python package which will pull configurations from the same app_config file, so any edits in configurations will only need to take place in one file.
    Don’t Repeat Yourself, is a great ideology to have for both rate of production and ones’ sanity, and it seems these packages do a good job of helping oneself achieve this.

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