Choosing the Right EC2 Instance Type for Your Application

The Amazon Web Services Blog has an article on how to choose the right EC2 Instance Type for your Application.

AWS allows you to choose from 10 different instance types that are grouped into 6 instance families.

Instance Families:

  1. General-Purpose – Provide a balance of CPU, memory, and network resources
    • M1 – Moderate CPU performance, low overall price
    • M3 – Demanding CPU Requirements
  2. Compute-Optimized – Geared towards applications that benefit from high compute power
    • C1 – Ideal for massively scaled-out applications
    • CC2 – Lowest cost for CPU performance, Intel Xeon E5-2670 processors; high core count (32 vCPUs); and support for cluster networking
  3. Memory-Optimized – Designed for memory-intensive applications
    • M2 – Available in smaller sizes, and are an excellent option for many memory-bound applications
    • CR1 – Provide more memory (244 GiB), faster CPU (Intel Xeon E5-2670) compared to M2 instances
  4. Storage-Optimized – Provides you with direct-attached storage options optimized for applications with specific disk I/O and storage capacity requirements
    • HI1 – Optimized for very high random I/O performance and low cost per IOPS
    • HS1 – Optimized for very high storage density, low storage cost, and high sequential I/O performance
  5. Micro Instances – Very low-cost instance option providing a small amount of CPU resources
    • T1 – Well suited for lower throughput applications
  6. GPU Instances – Allows you to take advantage of the parallel performance of NVidia Tesla GPUs using the CUDA or OpenCL programming models for GPGPU computing
    • CG1
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