Benchmarks of Python WSGI Servers

Benchmarks of Python WSGI Servers

Here is a nice post by Nicholas Piel. He has created a benchmark for Python WSGI Servers using web sockets. Here different frameworks will be used to handle asynchronous and non-blocking connections on a web socket. Multiple requests will be fired over a single connection with both HTTP 1.0 and HTTP 1.1 (using keepalive whenever possible). 

The Contestants

Name Version http 1.1 Flavour Repo. Blog Community
Gunicorn 0.6.4 No processor/thread GIT ? #gunicorn
uWSGI Trunk (253) Yes processor/thread repo ? Mailing List
FAPWS3 0.3.1 No processor/thread GIT William Os4y Google Groups
Aspen 0.8 No processor/thread SVN Chad Whitacre Google Groups
Mod_WSGI 3.1 Yes processor/thread SVN Graham Dumpleton Google Groups
wsgiref Py 2.6.4 No processor/thread SVN None Mailing List
CherryPy 3.1.2 Yes processor/thread SVN Planet CherryPy Planet, IRC
Magnum Py 0.2 No processor/thread SVN Matt Gattis Google Groups
Twisted 10.0.0 Yes processor/thread SVN Planet Twisted Community
Cogen 0.2.1 Yes callback/generator SVN Maries Ionel Google Groups
GEvent 0.12.2 Yes lightweight threads Mercurial Denis Bilenko Google Groups
Tornado 0.2 Yes callback/generator GIT Facebook Google Groups
Eventlet 0.9.6 Yes lightweight threads Mercurial Eventlet Mailinglist
Concurrence tip Yes lightweight threads GIT None Google Groups

The results are charted by:

  • Reply Rate ( reply time / number of requests )
  • Response Time ( response time / number of requests )
  • Error Rate ( number of Errors / number of requests )
  • Memory Usage
  • And more!

This post has a lot of insight on what frameworks are out there and how they perform with today’s demanding load with the use of HTML5 web socket.

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